Euromonitor to Speak at ICIS Asian Oleochemicals Conference 2015

Event Name: 3rd ICIS Asian Oleochemicals Conference

Location: Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date:  4th – 5th February, 2015

Event Description: The 3rd Asian oleochemicals conference keeps you on top of the current challenges in the industry. The topics that are being covered over the conference period include:

  • Commercial perspective on the global oleochemicals industry
  • Market information on key feedstocks: Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, PKO
  • Overview of the biodiesel mandates in Asia and its impact on the oleochemicals industry
  • Latest developments and challenges faced by the industry around achieving sustainability
  • Country-specific analyses on the oleochemicals’ markets in: Indonesia, China & India
  • Insights into synthetic alcohol production in the US with shale gas in the picture
  • Tools to mitigate the  factors fuelling risk and volatility in the feedstock markets
  • New technologies to improve productivity and meet sustainability targets
  • Consumer trends driving procurement strategies for end-users

Presentation Topic: How end-user markets are driving the demand for oleochemicals in Asia

Presentation Summary:

  • Overview of the key end-use markets driving demand – personal care, household products
  • What are the main drivers and trends behind this demand pull?
  • Country breakdown analysis
  • Growth projections for these markets

Presenter Name: Weiting Chuang

Presentation Date:  4th February, 2015

Presentation Time:  4:10pm