Euromonitor to Speak at Future of Tourism 2015

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Event Name: Future of Tourism & Responsible Tourism for Driving Revenue

Location: Kings Court Ballroom, Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, Sri Lanka
Date:   September 28th (Monday), 2015

Event Description: With the fast and increasing speed of technological development and the increasing globalization, Travel & Tourism has been a point of focus globally. Following the Post- Millenial era, the Tourism Industry is experiencing rapid growth as well as dynamic change as with all other Industries.

However, research suggests that Travel & Tourism will be one of the most dominant industries in 2025 and beyond as mobility becomes easier and cheaper and interest to travel increases. 5 years after the end of the three-decade civil conflict, Sri Lanka is now focusing on long-term strategic and structural development. Tourism is one of the main industries in the economy of Sri Lanka and has experienced a steady increase in the Post-Conflict period. From 450,000 tourist arrivals in 2009 Sri Lanka has experienced an increase of 234% as it expects to reach 1.5 million tourist arrivals in 2015.

Together with this boom and other infrastructure development it is important to implement responsible Travel & Tourism practices.

Shabori-DasPresenter Name: Shabori Das

Presentation Date:  Monday, September 28th 2015

Presentation Summary:Global tourism continued to grow at a healthy rate in 2014, as tourists all over the world started to travel more. Furthermore, Asia Pacific registered the strongest growth due to the better state of their economies, which allowed consumers to travel more. We expect the future of tourism to be driven strongly by the use of technology with special emphasis on social media and connectivity.