Euromonitor to Speak at Food&Beverage Innovation Conference 2017

Event Name: Food&Beverage Innovation Conference

Event Location: Shanghai, China

Event Date: April 12-13 2017

Speaker: Xiaoqin Lin, Account Executive

Event description: Adhering to the concept of “Open Innovation, Holistic Design Innovation and Disruptive Innovation”, FOODAILY Innovation Committee collects more than 1000 oversea innovation products which covers beverage, dairy, bakery, snack, confectionary & chocolate and food service mainly from the Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific area. we try to display the essence of innovation by product show, solution case, innovation summit and innovators’ night.2017 FBIC will converge 500 marketing, R&D and innovation stakeholders from above 6 main categories, in order to create the innovation party for food industry and integrate all kinds of resources in the food industry to fulfill the prospect “product innovation accelerator” and “innovative social place”.

Speech Title: New Trends and Opportunity in APAC baked goods

Speech Description: In 2016 baked goods won the 2nd largest share under packaged food, with global sales over 300 billion. Although following Western Europe and North America on market size, APAC, with CAGR 2.9% for next 5 years, shows the strongest growth potential than other regions. China and Japan have consistently made up over 75% of APAC sales over more than a decade. This shows how strongly the region relies on these two markets and will continue to do so over the forecast period. Despite the slowdown in the Chinese market, baked goods saw the strongest CAGR over 2011-2016 across the entire region. This is partly driven by rising consumption by the younger generation eager to try baked goods as part of their daily meals over other staples such as rice and noodles. This presentation will demonstrate the panorama of APAC baked goods and market trends for growth.