Euromonitor to Speak at Brazilian Retail Week

BRWEEK-2014-Event Name: Brazilian Retail Week
Event Dates: July 29-30, 2014

Location: Hotel Transamérica, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Presentation Time:  Tuesday July 29th, 2:00 PM
Event description: Brazilian Retail Week  is the largest, most complete and innovative event in the Brazilian retail market. Directed by NOVAREJO magazine and organized by Padrão Eventos, the event brings together key leaders in local retail, including regional retailers. This year BR Week reaches its fourth edition as a reference for high-level content for local and regional decision makers.

Presentation description:  The Brazilian retail sector has been facing challenges ranging from high taxation to infrastructure problems and the training of employees in Brazil, which has ultimately limited the development of this sector. With so many challenges, retailers need to look for opportunities to remain competitive and grow this sector. Investment in multichannel to seek synergies between different channels or omni-channel is a strategy that retailers can benefit from by combining technology in the consumer buying experience. Join Meika Nakamura, Research Manager at Euromonitor International who will give a conference about the interesting tools that can be leveraged by retailers that include on-the-go payment technologies, self-checkouts and delivery drones. In her conference Meika will go over efforts that are already being used in the Brazilian market and others that present future opportunities.

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