Euromonitor to Speak at 20th Anniversary SCIP European Summit


Event Name: 20th Anniversary SCIP European Summit

Date: 3-5 November 2015

Location: Madrid, Spain

Event Description: The 20th Anniversary SCIP European Summit will focus on 2 aspects of intelligence: New Intelligence – new tools, frameworks and innovations that are redefining the way intelligence is generated and delivered and Bold Decisions – the role of intelligence in supporting bold and effective decision-making.

Speakers: Giedrius Daujotas, Editor, Centre for Analytics Modelling and Innovation and Virgilijus Narusevicius, Senior Data Scientist

Presentation Date and Time: Thursday 5th November 15:30 – 16:30
Presentation Title: Objective Competitor Identification – Challenges and Opportunities
Presentation Description: Competitor identification is critical to any competitive intelligence exercise, but there are few practical tools available to objectively support this type of analysis. We will introduce the innovative metric of market overlap to quantitatively measure competitive distance and an interactive tool to analyse a company’s global footprint and performance, provide detailed competitor lists, and scrutinise major competitive battlegrounds for more than 25,000 FMCG companies.

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