Euromonitor to Speak at Cleaning Products Latin America – São Paulo

CPLA_final1Event: Cleaning Products Latin America 2015

Date: 2015, June 23-25

Presentation: Wednesday (24) at 3pm, Hotel Pullman São Paulo Ibirapuera

About the event: This June, global leaders from across the cleaning products industry will come together in Sao Paulo, Brazil for Cleaning Products Latin America. With support from the Brazilian Cleaning Products Industry Association, Smithers Apex brings this new addition in  the  Cleaning Products Conference series after 15 years of highly attended conferences in Europe and the United States with sold out exhibition halls. The growth of Cleaning Products Latin America reflects the emerging cleaning products market, the growing global marketplace and the demand from local attendees. 

About the presentation: Ian Bell, Head of Home Care at Euromonitor International presents the “Future Home Care (Latin America): The Shape and Pace of Things to come for the World’s Median Consumer”. Latin America is home to the world’s median consumer in terms of home care consumption. That isn’t to say that the Latin American home care market is average however; in fact, it is anything but. The region is modernizing apace and advances in terms of home care spend and product format are a clear indication that the region is moving to a more mature footing. That said, evidence from other industries suggests that maturity doesn’t come without its problems; the middle-class trap needs to be avoided and product development needs to keep up with developments in its broader (non-linear) supply chain.


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