Euromonitor to Speak at RISI North American Conference 2016

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  • Name: RISI North American Conference
  • Date: October 4-6
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Event Description: Join industry colleagues in San Diego for the Thirty First Annual RISI North American Conference. This is the premier forum to immerse yourself in all aspects of the forest products industry. Discover how RISI’s deep industry expertise will help you understand the latest trends, challenges and opportunities.
  • Speaker: Matthew Oster, Senior Institutional Channels Analyst
  • Session Title: Institutional Channels Dynamic in North America and the Future of Tissue Demand
  • Session Description:  In a highly mature North American (US and Canada) tissue marketplace, the away-from-home tissue segment is fraught with its share of challenges. While there are still opportunities for tissue products and tissue premiumisation in, for instance, the hospitality industry, there are also challenges in driving sales. These challenges are shaped in no small part by the changing institutional landscape. Understanding the dynamic within the institutional channels is the key to assessing future risks and opportunities with respect to tissue demand in the away-from-home segment.
  • Euromonitor’s presentation will review the expected performance of the tissue products in away-from-home segment over 2015-2020 and will then discuss in more detail current and future trends in the institutional channels. The presentation will examine the size and behavior of all channels of an economy in North American markets, from government and healthcare to manufacturing and education. Some of the key trends in contract foodservice and contract cleaning will also be revealed.