Euromonitor to Speak at retailArena 2016: Go (g)Local


Event: retailArena 2016: Go (g)Local

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Date: 26th – 27th Oct. 2016

Event Description: The retailArena 2016: Go (g)Local will be held on 26th – 27th of October in Sheraton Bucharest, Romania. The event will bring forward the most recent trends in multichannel retail, focusing on innovative local marketing strategies, successfully multiplied on an international level.

Presentations, discussions and workshops will focus on building strong local businesses that can have success on a global scale as well as big players that build their businesses locally.

Hot Topics Include:

  • The DNA of a global business
  • How to build global from local
  • E-Commerce – the way to Y generation
  • IT & marketing tools for reaching millennials


The retail conference will offer:

  • Marketing and sales strategies from some of the biggest retailers
  • 2 very special workshops with international speakers sharing their experience, solutions and advice for a successful retail business
  • Great opportunity for networking within your industry

Speaker: Cosmin Dan

Presentation Date and Time: October 26th , 11:30 a.m.; panel: “Romania, country for all retailers?”

Presentation Title: Overview and study about who is building the retail of tomorrow Presentation Description: Euromonitor will deliver a speech on the panel “Romania, country for all retailers?”, by providing analysis and explaining the driven factors on Romania and global retail market, with the focus on segment performance, the strategy of global leading brands as well as private label brands. Also, how open is the Romanian market for new launches (of brands and different shop formats) will be discussed during the panel discussion as well.