Euromonitor to Speak at PIJAC National Pet Industry Trade Show 2016


Name: PIJAC National Pet Industry Trade Show

Date: September 18 & 19, 2016

Location: Ontario | International Centre

Event Description: This year’s show will mark 27 years of success at the National Pet Industry Trade Show. The largest of our four trade shows, it proves year after year it is the place to be to make those important business contacts. Exhibitors have seen that this unique market is where they want their products to be!  We will bring you a wide array of visitors. Make it a one shot deal. Invite and nurture your relationship with your current clients, plus make some new ones.

Speaker: Frank Jiang, Analyst 

Session Title: Canadian Pet Market Report

Session Description: The latest industry trends from Canada drilled down all the way to the pet specialty store. Global research firm Euromonitor International share their latest hard data on product performance, trends and forecasts for the Canadian pet industry.