Euromonitor to Speak at Mexico Business Summit 2016


Event Name: Mexico Business Summit

Date: November 13-15

Location: Puebla, Mexico

Link to Event:

Event Description: This edition, under the theme Embarking on the New Technological Era, will focus on a crucial priority for business and political leaders: How to leverage the opportunities opened by new technologies and how to address the disruptive impact of these on existing business models and social cohesion. The Summit provides a unique platform to debate, generate initiatives, consolidate financial and commercial ties, as well as network with agents from the public and private arena. We hope your agenda will allow your presence at the Summit. I will be honored to personally welcome you in this highly productive event in terms of business, experience and reflection.

Speaker Name(s) and Title(s): Michelle Evans, Digital Consumer Research Manager

Session Title: Where the Internet of Things Could Lead Mexico

Session Description: This session will focus on the potential of the Internet of Things in Mexico, offering expert insight on the possible commerce implications. Digital commerce is no longer restricted to computers, tablets and mobile phones. There are now a plethora of things, including connected cars, consumer appliances, smart clothing, smartwatches and other fashion accessories, all with the potential to disrupt commerce. Much like the smartphones that came before, these connected devices could become an important tool for merchants, marketers and strategists looking to bridge the physical and online worlds of commerce and even as conduits for the payment transaction. While these devices have yet to realize their full potential as conduits of commerce, the future impact on this space will likely be significant.