Euromonitor to Speak at Global Home Center Forum 2016


Event: Global Home Center Forum 2016

Date: 22 November 2016

Venue: Diamond Ishiyama Memorial Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Speaker: Hiromi Yamaguchi

Presentation Time: 13:50-14:40

Presentation Title: The Latest Trends and Challenges of Home Improvement Retailers in Western Europe

Presentation Description: Euromonitor International will offer an overview of the home improvement retailing markets in Western Europe. With the stagnant growths triggered by the recession, the home improvement retailers introduced initiatives and new business schemes, reflecting new consumerism that emerges in the region and beyond. Analysis and prediction will be provided for consumer trends, growth rates and more in Western Europe using the results of Euromonitor International’s latest research for 2016.


Event Description: “Global Home Center Forum” is a seminar offering an innovative business direction to Japanese Home Center Industry. The learnings will include the latest trends of the industry in overseas markets and how they are utilizing the IT technology to adapt successfully to the change in consumer behaviour. Where is the engine of the growth?