Euromonitor to Speak at Food Matters Live 2016


Event Name: Food Matters Live

Event Date: 22nd – 24th November 2016

Event Location: Excel, London

Speaker 1: Ewa Hudson, Head of Health and Wellness Research

Presentation Time: 10.30 – 10.50, Wednesday 23rd November

Presentation Title: What is next for nutrition and digestive health?

Presentation Description: Industry experts will provide an insight into the areas of growth and discuss what is driving innovation in the digestive health sector. They will also explore novel dietary management approaches to manage functional gut symptoms and new perspectives on the relationship between diet and gut microbiota.

Speaker 2: Alan Rownan, Ethical Labels Analyst

Presentation Time: 14.35 – 14.55, Wednesday 23rd November

Presentation Title: Sustainable growth: how are socially and health-conscious consumers driving demand for natural, healthy ingredients?

Presentation Description: Consumers are demanding more from food producers – expecting transparency and sustainability from products and moving ever closer to the provenance and ethics of each individual ingredient. What does the future of sustainable ingredients look like? How can producers meet consumer demand for healthy, sustainable ingredients? And how can doing so boost their business?

Speaker 3: Maria Mascaraque

Presentation Time: 11.30 – 12.00, Wednesday 23rd November

Presentation Title: Maternal and infant nutrition: promoting best practice in infant feeding

Presentation Description: This session will examine why UK breast feeding rates remain stubbornly low, despite many public health campaigns and interventions. It will look at new research examining the impact on gut health between breast and formula-fed babies, and will explore industry trends in formula feeding, looking at the rates in different countries and how these are impacted by socio-economic factors such as return-to- work policies.


Description: The Food Matters Live Conference addresses the relationship between food, nutrition and health through a rich and varied programme comprising 17 thought-provoking debates.

Join thousands of professionals from across the food and drink industry, nutrition and health sectors at the UK’s first cross-sector event dedicated to food, health and nutrition.

Over the three days of the event, there will be a chance to:

  • Debate the most important issues facing the food, health and nutrition sectors in the Food Matters Live Conference.
  • Meet over 600 exhibitors at the forefront of driving nutritional improvements in food and drink
  • Benefit from the unrivalled learning opportunity presented by the 300 seminar speakers
  • Participate in a series of interactive attractions, practical demonstrations and live tastings taking place each day