Euromonitor to Speak at ESOMAR Latin America 2017

Event Name: Esomar Latin America 2017

Date: 5-7 April 2017

Location: Mexico City

Link to Event:

Event Description: Latin America’s largest regional event ESOMAR LATAM, heads to Mexico City for two days of insights, intelligence and innovations. 

This year’s event explores:
  • Consumer decision-making
  • Trends; data for insights, social media, artificial intelligence
  • Effective brand communications
  • The future of neuromarketing within insights
  • Revolutionary insights approaches
Join ESOMAR and 250+ insights professionals in Mexico City, to take home valuable insights, in-depth industry intelligence and plenty of innovation.

Speaker: Stephanie Landers, Consulting Analyst 

Session Title: Business in Today’s Latin American Society: Responding to conscious consumers and social needs

Session Description: Latin America continues to face critical social issues such as poverty, inequality, poor public health systems, and inadequate education. Amidst recent economic crises in some markets, many consumers also have tighter household budgets. Businesses trying to operate in this environment are therefore targeting consumers who are more conscious, put greater pressure on companies and products to be socially responsible and healthy, but at the same time have less money to spend. This presentation will examine how companies in Latin America are responding to changing consumer consciousness and social conditions in order to succeed in this context. In particular, the paper will explain how businesses in Latin America have responded through two lenses: adapting their existing products or services, and creating new products or services.