Euromonitor to Speak at Cosmetic Business Forum 2016


Event: 4th Cosmetic Business Forum (IV Forum Kosmetycznej)

Date: October 18th

Venue: Marriott Grand Hotel

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Event Description: Forum of Cosmetics Industry is a meeting dedicated entirely to the cosmetics industry, which integrates key players influencing markets development, such as: producers, importers and distributors of cosmetics, board members and traders deciding on the purchase for beauty stores, pharmacies and international supermarket chains as well as discount shops, providers of services and solutions for the cosmetics sector and the trade. The event provides a unique networking opportunity as well as gaining knowledge within the industry itself.

Speaker: Povilas Sugintas

Presentation Time: 12:10-12:30 p.m.

Presentation Title: Main trends and innovations, which shape cosmetics industry now and in the future

Presentation Description: the speech will reveal key trends, which influence the cosmetics industry presently and how it will be shaped in the future. The presentation will then take a closer look at industry’s digitalization, lifestyle shifts, emerging niche products, cosmetics customization and innovative gadgets for a better beauty experience.