Euromonitor to Speak at Bio Fach Brazil 2017

Event: 41st EIBA Annual Conference 2015

BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR – the biggest international trade fair for organic products and agroecology in Latin America, will be realized in Brazil for the 13th year, exhibiting all kinds of organic products and manufacturing, attracting professionals, interested in trends and news, as visitors.

In parallel with the event, important professionals from the organic sector, from different countries will discuss worldwide trends, issues and opportunities of Brazil in the global market.


Date: June 7-10, 2017

Location: Bienal do Ibirapuera – São Paulo, Brazil

Presentation Time: Thursday (June 8th)

Presentation Title: Certified organic: Opportunities within food and beverage industries

Presentation Description: Perception of organic food and beverages as natural and more sustainable has resulted in growing demand for these products. Although organic products have already moved into the mainstream in developed markets, they are also seeing development in some emerging geographies. In this presentation, Maria Mascaraque, Health & Wellness Analyst at Euromonitor International, will give an overview of the global organic food and beverages industries, exploring key growth areas and challenges.  Moreover, she will delve into well-established markets, such as Western Europe and North America, as well as give a brief overview of developments in Brazil.