Euromonitor to Speak at Asian Wine & Spirits Conference 2016


Location: Beijing, China

Date: 10th-12th Oct. 2016

Event Description: Asia is the continent where the wine and spirits industry has undergone the greatest (r)evolution but nearly 80% of wines and spirits produced in this vast area of 44 million km2 are unknown to the public, and up until now, there has been no platform for sharing information and promoting dialogue on these issues. At the initiative of FANGSHAN DISTRICT-BEIJING, VINOPRES and BJIWSE, the first forum and tasting exclusively dedicated to Asian wine and spirits will be held from October 10 to 12, 2016, in Beijing. It will be divided into five distinct events held simultaneously or in succession:

  • Asian Conferences: by experts and representatives of leading Asian companies;
  • Open Tasting – showcasing Asian wine and spirit brands: a tasting of products classed by country and category;
  • Tasting of Oustanding wine and spirits presented by specialists, with priority status given to exclusive Asian wines and spirits.
  • Asian Masterclasses: presentation of products by Asian producers.
  • Asian Contest: a selection of wines and spirits will be blind-assessed by a panel of international experts.

Speaker: Michelle Huang   Head of Country Research (China)

Presentation Title: International & China Retail Liquor Market Trends

Presentation Description: This presentation will give the audiences an overview of global alcoholic drinks trends, including China. Volume sales of alcoholic drinks totalled around 247 billion litres in 2015. Unsurprisingly, beer made up nearly 80% of this total, followed by wine. The fast-growing cider category remained the smallest in 2015. This presentation will look at the major categories, including beer, wine and spirits, before giving some idea of what we think the future of the market holds. In the meantime, it will also forecast the possible impact of Brexit scenario towards UK and Western Europe alcoholic drinks sales, apart from what does the future hold for China alcoholic drinks.