Euromonitor to Speak at 6th PET Asia Outlook 2016


Event: 6th PET Asia Outlook

Date: November 17 – 18, 2016

Venue: PARKROYAL Yangon – Yadanar Ballroom 2 & 3

Speaker: Andrea Lianto, Drinks and Tobacco Research Analyst

Presentation Date: 18th  November

Presentation Time: 08:05 am – 08:55 am

Presentation Title: Global Soft Drinks Packaging: Winning in the New Consumerism Era through Innovations

Presentation Description: Ranked among the most successful beverage packaging formats, PET bottle continues to be one of the fastest growing packaging categories in the global soft drinks landscape. In various markets, the shift from glass bottles and metal beverage cans to PET bottles is a common sight, driven by the search for convenience. The new consumers of this era, however, are starting to want more than convenience. This presents opportunities for PET bottle to tap into. Euromonitor International will break down the latest global and regional soft drinks packaging trends, discussing how innovations could be the key success factors for PET bottle in the new consumerism era.


Event Description: PET conferences are organised all around the world, including South America, Latin America, Mideast & Africa, Greater Europe, Africa and Asia. The Asian PET series has been brought around the region to Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai and Jakarta . The conference is widely attended by the entire supply chain for the PET industry – from resin to end users around the world.