Euromonitor Presents Clean Label Trend Overview at Vitafoods Europe

Clean label has been historically difficult to define. A term that resonates with the industry rather than the consumer, gauging the scale of the trend has proven challenging. However, Passport: Ethical Labels is in a position to solve this equation, by quantifying in value sales the size of the market for clean label and its constituent categories across 26 key markets.

Showcasing this core element of Passport: Ethical Labels at Vitafoods Europe, Clean Label: Instilling Consumer Confidence In Global Food And Beverages gives an overview of the categories and claims that have fuelled the trend toward simpler, easier to understand labels and the efforts made by global food and beverage companies to increase transparency and accountability with consumers.

Driving Clean Label Categories in Packaged Food, Soft and Hot Drinks


In 2015, dairy was the clean label frontrunner with over US$25 billion in value sales across food and beverages, while a cluster of other categories including juice, ready meals, sauces, dressings and condiments along with sweet and savoury snacks bearing clean label claims all accounted for between US$14-15 billion respectively.

Euromonitor will be delving deeper into these characteristics, trends and markets with the publication of a clean label global briefing scheduled for publication in early July, 2016.