Euromonitor in Partnership with Positive Luxury’s 2018 Predictions Report: The World is Driven by Emotions: Breaking Tradition the Millennial Way

Euromonitor International’s team of economic, consumer, and luxury industry trend experts have identified ethical living as one of the most influential megatrends to watch for 2018. This is being driven primarily by the millennial generation and will significantly shape the luxury goods landscape. Indeed, in addition to geo-political changes taking place, the luxury industry is facing major shifts in consumer expectations. Of course what consumers want varies from person to person, as well as culture and income. However, there is a fundamental shift in consumer values towards a need for experiences rather than “things”, products that speak to them specifically and address authenticity, issues surrounding sustainability and brand heritage. Fflur Roberts, Head of Luxury Goods at Euromonitor International is very pleased to work with Positive Luxury on their 2018 predictions report  “The World is Driven by Emotions: Breaking Tradition the Millennial Way”, which in today’s increasingly challenging business environment could not come at a more pressing time.

The World if Driven by Emotions: Breaking  Tradition the Millennial Way

Source: Euromonitor International from Positive Luxury

Read more about what Fflur Roberts and Euromonitor have to say in this exclusive report in partnership with Positive Luxury and EMOTIV, with insights from leading brands and figures in the luxury industry, including Harrods, Farfetch, Value Retail, Weleda and Belvedere, and distils the key industry trends, as well as helping us to understand how we can successfully innovate in the future.