Euromonitor to lead the workshop at BoP World Convention & Expo 2016

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Event: BoP World Convention & Expo 2016

Date: 20th to 22nd September 2016

Location: Tay Eng Soon Convention Centre, ITE College Central, Singapore

Guest-of-Honour: Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong

Description: The Base of the Pyramid refers to the approximately 4.5 billion consumers in emerging economies living under US$8 per day. This US$5 trillion BoP market represents a blue ocean opportunity for businesses to enter and grow. Tapping into this market not only builds a business’ profits and competitive advantage but it also contributes to value-creation at the BoP.

In recognition of this, BoP Hub Ltd. is organizing the third edition of its BoP World Convention & Expo. The theme for this year’s convention is: ‘The Future-Inclusive Economy: Mass Collaboration Across All Sectors’. Multiple stakeholders such as experts, key business leaders, impact investors, government and trade officials, social entrepreneurs, academics, and heads of non-profits will be invited to strategise about inclusive business models and how to build a sustainable economic ecosystem in emerging markets. This unique forum offers the opportunity for public and private entities to break the silos they are currently functioning in and collaborate to serve the needs of consumers at the BoP better, faster and cheaper.

During the convention delegates will be able to attend plenary sessions conducted by thought-leaders. They will also have the opportunity to network and build new partnerships through workshops, business matchmaking sessions and master classes. In addition, the convention features an exhibition, which showcases exemplary business models and products currently serving the BoP.

Register now to learn about the market potential at the BoP and build new business ventures that contribute to ending global poverty.

Workshop leader: Dr An Hodgson

Workshop Title: Strategies That Work at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Workshop Time:
Wednesday, 21st September at 1400-1530hrs
Presentation Description: The global BOP is a sizeable market, but it remains largely overlooked and underserved. Serving consumers at the BOP is important and can have far-reaching socioeconomic impacts, including eradicating poverty and reducing income inequality, which will ultimately help to improve the business environment, expand the middle class and drive economic growth. Yet only by achieving profits can businesses be sustainable and scalable to serve the poor effectively.

This workshop focuses on emerging markets – sizing and profiling the BOP in emerging markets using Euromonitor’s Income and Wealth Distribution Analytics and other related data and analysis. Participants will share insights and discuss business strategies that work at the BOP in emerging markets.

Workshop leader An Hodgson specialises in strategy research and insight analysis into a wide range of topics from demographic trends through to income and wealth distribution. An has a special interest in poverty and inequality issues, and the detrimental impacts they have on the operating environment of a country.

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Event Twitter Info: @bophub, #BoPWorld2016