Euromonitor joins ZEN: the Zero Emissions Network

To encourage London boroughs and partners to come up with new schemes to improve air quality the Mayor’s Office launched the Air Quality Fund in February 2013.  One project to benefit from funding is the Zero Emissions Network (ZEN).   ZEN is a joint initiative designed to improve the air quality and business efficiency within the ‘ZEN’ area.  This comprises an area running roughly west to east, from Clerkenwell, through to Old Street and Shoreditch and then Spitalfields and Bricklane.

Joining ZEN is another step towards a better cleaner future for Euromonitor.  Being able to access a range of eco-friendly suppliers and promote and share ideas with other local businesses is a fantastic opportunity.

Our first venture will be to promote sustainable travel.  In April as part of our global Green Week London employees will have the opportunity to participate in a 2 hour 1-2-1 cycle training session with a qualified trainer.  Whether it’s about getting on a bike for the first time, or improving road awareness we’re hoping these tailored sessions will help more of our staff feel confident about cycling on London roads.  We’ll also be hosting a pop-up Bikeworks maintenance workshop; staff will be able to have basic safety checks and onsite repairs and adjustments carried out ensuring all our cyclists have safe and secure bikes.