Euromonitor International to Speak at Innovation Forum 2014





Location: Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania

Date: 21st May 2014

Event Description: Danish Chamber of Commerce together with its partners is inviting members, partners and all others for the yearly innovation conference. The conference is arranged to inspire and demonstrate how to commercialize profitable innovative ideas, to share Danish, Lithuanian and other global experiences, best practices and cooperate on feasible projects – involving innovative teams as well as more matured companies.

Presentation Topic: Cutting Edge Market Research Solutions for Global Businesses

Presenter: Marius Dundulis, Director of CAMI

Presentation Time: 13:30 pm

Presentation Description: How to be ahead of others? What is the impact of economic uncertainty on industries in various countries?  Which companies are more vulnerable to a potential worsening of economic conditions?These and many other strategic business questions are asked bycompanies which must react quickly to rapidly changing business environment. Using tools developed in the Center for Analytics, Modelling and Innovation, Marius Dundulis will demonstrate how innovative interdisciplinary approach to economics, data science and visualisation helps companies across the globe to generate global strategic business insights in a matter of seconds.

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