Euromonitor International & Clavis Insights Webinar


  • Webinar: Global Mobile Shopping Trends and Best Practices to Win the Digital Shelf
  • Date: August 24
  • Time: 11 – 11:45 AM EDT
  • Presenters:
    • Tim Barrett, Global Retail Analyst, Euromonitor International
    • Danny Silverman, Senior Vice President – Customer Success, Clavis Insight
  • Details:
    • Shoppers around the globe are turning to their mobile devices to purchase and research products. To succeed, you now need to understand how to best position your brands on the mobile websites and apps of pure-play and multi-channel retailers. In addition you will need to be prepared for changes coming to the mobile shopping experience brought on by technological advances and innovations from leading markets. Join Euromonitor International’s Global Retail Analyst, Tim Barrett, along with Clavis Insight’s Senior Vice President of Customer Success, Danny Silverman, on August 24 to get the trends and best practices you need to address this mobile challenge.
    • During the webinar you will learn:
      • What are the latest mobile trends that are transforming ecommerce globally?
      • How are content, search and in-stock different from mobile app to desktop, and should you care?
      • What mobile shopping trends from China are headed West in the next 12 months?