Euromonitor International Announces New Charity Partners and Corporate Responsibility Programme


Shifan is 6 years old and lives in a village in rural Uganda. She lost her mobility some years ago after contracting cerebral malaria which attacked her central nervous system. Shifan had to be left alone at home when her mother and brother went out as she was too heavy to carry. Today with the help of the Walkabout Foundation and her new wheelchair she can go to school, has her own friends, and her mother can take her everywhere she goes. Watch the video here.

The Walkabout Foundation, which provides wheelchairs and rehabilitation services to people with spinal injuries in developing countries, is announced today as just one of the new beneficiaries of Euromonitor International’s new Corporate Social responsibility programme. From the beginning of this financial year Euromonitor will invest 1% of turnover in good causes. This is the equivalent of over £1 million. And this will grow year on year in line with the company’s future success.

As part of this strategy, during 2017 Euromonitor will be taking on 12 new charity partnerships which will benefit from major funding. Today, apart from the Walkabout Foundation, Euromonitor is launching support for two more new partners. The Karam Foundation supports Syrian refugees in camps in Turkey and Syria and we are concentrating our giving on the education of girls in the camps. The other is Spark Ventures, a charity which supports the setting up of what will become self-sustaining businesses in developing countries: we are currently looking at a new venture in Mexico with them. Their CEO & Cofounder Rich Johnson states “”I’ve known Euromonitor as a global leader in market research, and I am thrilled that Spark Ventures now has the opportunity to partner with them on social impact initiatives around the world. Their commitment to philanthropically invest in holistic, sustainable and community-based solutions is exactly what is needed.”

Alongside these organisations our existing partners, Just a Drop, the World Land Trust and Save the Orangutan will still benefit from our funding and our carbon offset programme. Just-a-Drop’s founder and Chair, Fiona Jeffery OBE, says: Euromonitor has enabled us to work in some of the most challenging areas of the world, supporting projects which may have otherwise not been funded. In the past few weeks, we have visited Nicaragua to see the impact Euromonitor has enabled us to achieve: people now have access to clean and safe water in their own homes for the first ever time and for this we are very grateful”.

Our charitable giving is concentrated on three key areas: environment, health and the alleviation of poverty. Our 1300 staff in our 12 offices worldwide are key to all aspects of our programme, from nominating organisations to support-we are running substantial local giving programmes too- to volunteering and organising fundraising themselves locally.

In today’s difficult world employees are increasingly expecting their employers to be doing more to give back. We want our programme to make a real difference. Tim Kitchin, CEO of Euromonitor states: “We are a successful, growing and profitable business. Meanwhile the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ widens.  Companies such as ours need to be doing more to address this”.

For more information on any of these programmes checkout our website or contact our CSR Director