Eloping to Singapore

Nokia Inc’s CEO, Stephen Elop, will be in Singapore to present the company’s strategy for Asia and to showcase its new models at Nokia Connection 2011 on June 21, 2011. Asia is the largest mobile phone market and also Nokia’s critical market. Nokia continued to enjoy a 35% share of mobile phone sales for 2010 in the world’s most populous region, even though competitors are fast snapping up market share at Nokia’s expense.

This will be Mr. Elop’s first speech in Asia since becoming the CEO of the embattled Finnish mobile phone giant. It will be interesting to know if Nokia will be committing a time frame for its Window-powered smartphone range. One of the key reasons for the Microsoft and Nokia collaboration is Nokia’s strength in understanding the low cost demand of Asian consumers. Can Nokia price its Windows Phone range at US$100 while maintaining Microsoft’s strict hardware requirements or will Microsoft bend its rules to accommodate Nokia? If it is the later, Microsoft risks alienating other manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and LG who are faced with less than stellar Windows Phone sales.

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