Download Our Free Report: Turkey in 2030


Download the Free Report: Turkey in 2030

  • The population of Turkey will reach 84.8 million in 2030, an increase of 17.0% from 2010. This growth will be driven by huge increases in the population aged 40+ which will expand by 61.2%.
  • By 2030, the population aged 30-50 will account for 1-in-3 of all Turks. This age segment will increase by 25.1% between 2010 and 2030, equivalent to an increase of 5.4 million people, accounting for almost half of the increase in total population.
  • There will be a large decrease in the population aged less than 30, with a particularly sharp contraction in those aged 0-16. There will be 2.8 million fewer 0-16 year olds in 2030 than there were in 2010.
  • Falling birth and fertility rates and increasing life expectancy are driving these trends.