Dog Food in Taiwan to See Growth

One of the key influences of dog food sales in 2017 is expected to be the implementation of the ban on shelters performing euthanasia on unclaimed animals. This is anticipated to boost the number of animals in shelters resulting in a likely increase in demand for economy dog food.

The slowdown in the growth of the dog population led to more moderate volume demand for dog food. However, owners’ growing concern for their pets’ welfare and closer relationships, both emotionally and in living-space terms, are expected to help fuel demand for better quality dog food.

With current retail value growth of 7% and retail volume growth of 3% in 2016, the category performed in line with the respective CAGRs of the review period. Growth in the number of dogs in Taiwan was sluggish, and dog ownership trends continued to focus on smaller dogs, which led to demand for smaller pack sizes.

Healthy value growth is expected for dog food over the forecast years. New regulations implemented in early 2017 enforced a total ban on animal shelters performing euthanasia on unclaimed animals. This was a result of years of lobbying by animal rights campaigners and growing concern over pet owners purchasing dogs to follow a trend or for short-term interest. Additionally, pet owners will continue to seek better products for their pets. The internet offers a channel for owners to shop smarter as it allows them to search for the best prices for the product features and brands they favour. Due to the fast-moving nature of dog food, especially in mid-priced and new premium brands, price discounting is likely to continue to be a major means for players to gain a foothold.