Datagraphic: Chocolate Confectionery Retail Growth – 2009-2010


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Emerging Markets

Emerging markets will drive chocolate confectionery retail value sales in 2010, as they also drive the global economic recovery. Rising consumer affluence in major Asian markets like India, Indonesia and China will be crucial to chocolate sales worldwide, as will Latin American markets like Argentina and Brazil.

Eastern Europe

Not all emerging markets will thrive, however, with most in Eastern Europe experiencing declining constant value sales in 2010 as many continue to grapple with an economic hangover. In cases of strong growth, like Ukraine, this will mainly stem from a return to pre-crisis levels rather than expanding market opportunities.

Mature Markets

Mature chocolate confectionery markets in Western Europe & North America will continue to see slow but steady constant value retail gains, bolstered by slightly brighter economic prospects and sustained demand for indulgence. However, it is notable that Germany and Switzerland, two chocolate bastions, will see sales actually decline in 2010.