10 Fun Facts about Your Customers

Get to Know Your Customers Day is every third Thursday of the Quarter. Our latest white paper, 8 Global Consumer Trends in 2018, gives you insights on the 8 different kinds of consumers so you can stay connected to your current customers as well as gain new ones. We gathered 10 facts to help you to get to know your customers and to stay up to date with the changing mindsets of each one.

  1. The Impulsive Spender is highly influenced by social media, including posts by brands, companies or friends as well as ads.
  2. The Cautious Planner and the Undaunted Striver both regularly buy gifts for family and friends and themselves small treats while on vacation.
  3. 38% of Balanced Optimists sought locally sourced fresh food features.
  4. 50% of Empowered Activists sought hormone-free food features.
  5. The Undaunted Striver is highly influenced by all marketing channels, including recommendations, reviews, traditional marketing, social media, endorsements, and digital marketing.
  6. The Secure Traditionalist is very set in their ways and are often very frugal in their shopping habits as they do not enjoy shopping and rarely make impulse purchases.
  7. Conservative Homebodies make regular purchases in-store, however are less likely to use this channel compared to other consumer types.
  8. Empowered Activists place high importance on quality and often are willing to pay more for products with this feature.
  9. Inspired Adventurers are very future-focused and cautious on how they spend their money yet continue to seek value for money on high-quality products and services.
  10. Balanced Optimists do not have a very high brand loyalty and often switch between products depending on price.

Conquer each current and potential customer’s wants and needs are, from the conservative homebodies to the impulsive spender. This white paper will help you learn more about your customers and how to better target potential ones.