CSR Update: Borneo Reforestation Continues!

As part of our carbon balancing Euromonitor is supporting a reforestation programme in Borneo which will support the local community and, eventually, a population of critically endangered organutan.

By the start of December 19,555 seedlings had been grown in the community nurseries in Mangkatip village and had reached a height of 30 cm. An additional 12,220 seedlings were purchased from a nearby nursery. With such a large number of seedlings to be planted the project staff arranged a planting training workshop for 35 community group members from the village. The training included selection of seedlings, land preparation, planting techniques, survival monitoring and the safety and environmental aspects of planting.

The project team developed a plan for the reforestation of 26 hectares (a hectare is about the size of an international rugby pitch). The planting was carried out in December 2016. The area has been planted with a mix of 12 different tree species comprising 54% fruit species suited to provide food for orangutans, and 46% multipurpose species that can benefit local communities. Multipurpose trees are included to provide a broad floral diversity and support the community’s interest in conserving the reforested areas.

We will post regular updates as the project progresses.