Consumers are Becoming More Self-sufficient in 2019

This post is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends of 2019.

When it comes to health and self-care, consumers want to cut out the middle person. ‘I Can Look After Myself’ is a key consumer trend for 2019 and comes as a reaction to the impulsive and highly restrictive mode of consumerism that fast fashion, instant beauty fixes and fad diets perpetuate.

This impulsive consumerism is often heavily marketed to consumers, particularly via social media, to increase ‘hype’ around the products ability to seemingly ease the perceived stresses of daily life. These so-called ‘ hypes- products’ exist in every industry but are particularly prevalent in luxury goods, food and nutrition, beauty and fashion and more recently, ethical labels. With so much choice and so many claims being made that promise to change one’s life, consumers are left wondering whether they are worth spending money on.


The next five years will see people look for more real experiences, products and marketing to take control of their wellbeing. ‘I Can Look After Myself’ consumers are active and engaged but turning to services that simplify and improve everyday life, rather than manage it for them.

This consumer trend will become an important way of cancelling out the noise generated by endless, omnipresent social media, to focus more on personal needs. Rather than being reliant on brands that only offer prescriptive, strict, curative solutions to life’s problems, the consumer will tune out the hype and focus on apps and personalisation services that they can tailor and cater to their own unique needs.

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