Consumer Trends in Health and Nutrition: Convenience of Health-Related Technology

Technology is a pervasive part of consumers’ lives worldwide, with new apps and innovations being created to provide more services than ever before. Technology devices and apps have been part of the health and nutrition landscape for a few years but understanding how consumers engage with these technology platforms is important for brands and companies in order to ensure that their products and services are meeting consumer needs.

One of the biggest draws of using health-related technology is convenience. Around 25% of global consumers claim that they do not visit a medical professional since they do not have enough time. Consumers often struggle to make time for their health and medical issues – health-related technology allows them to quickly access information, expert advice and more in a swift, efficient and timely manner.

Comfort in Using Health-related Technology

Percentage of Extremely Comfortable and Very Comfortable Global Respondents

Source: Euromonitor International’s 2019 Lifestyles Survey

Though consumers are comfortable in using health-related technology for general medical advice and information such as using an app to book a doctor’s appointment or self-diagnosing an ailment, more specific device and app usage is limited.

Over 50% of global consumers do not use health devices and apps including wearable fitness devices, food tracking/apps and sleep tracking apps. Though the market for these products is growing many consumers still view these health devices and apps as a “nice to have” rather than necessary element of their lifestyles.

Brands and companies creating these types of health devices and apps, may benefit from providing advice and information beyond simply tracking habits so that consumers can learn how to improve their health and incorporate changes into their daily lifestyles.

Health Device and App Usages

Percentage of Global Respondents

Source: Euromonitor International’s 2019 Health and Nutrition Survey

About Euromonitor´s Top Consumer Trends Impacting Health and Nutrition blog series:

Healthy living and behaviours towards health are consistently changing. As new trends emerge and information about various ailments and illnesses is shared via more channels than ever before, it is important for companies and brands to understand consumer perceptions and habits when it comes to their health.

Working closely with in-house industry experts and analysts, alongside key players within the industry Euromonitor International’s Survey team conducted an online survey in February 2019. With over 20,000 respondents across 20 core markets around the world, the survey´s results provide consumer insight into every day and long-term health behaviours and attitudes in area´s such as packaged food, consumer health and sports nutrition.

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