Consumer Perceptions of Masculinity

Masculinity is favourite theme used by brands for advertising and promoting men’s products. However, as the definition of “masculinity” shifts alongside changing gender norms, these brands could be missing a wider target audience and even inviting potential backlash.

For International Men’s Day on November 19th, Euromonitor offers insights into what “masculinity” means to both men and women across different cultures and demographics.

Results from Euromonitor’s annual Beauty Survey reveal that among the top five traits consumers associate with “masculinity”, only one – physical strength – is a physical attribute. For both men and women, the most common link to masculinity is confidence, with reliability, bravery and intelligence completing the top five.

These results are drawn from Euromonitor’s annual Beauty survey, which is fielded across 20 markets. Beyond exploring definitions of masculinity, the survey goes into additional detail on men’s grooming to capture information on hair, skin and cosmetic product usage, beard grooming style, adoption and obstacles to beauty products usage among men.

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