New Briefing: Consumer Lifestyles in Latin America

Euromonitor International is pleased to present a new regional report: Consumer Lifestyles in Latin America. This report is the first in a new series of Consumer Lifestyles regional reports with other regions coming soon. These new reports provide charts and analysis to identify regional
consumer trends.

Latin American consumers increasingly enjoy rising disposable household incomes. The population is aging rapidly, as a result of falling birth rates and rising life expectancy; the rising number of consumers aged 65 years will drive demand for health-related products and services in the future. There is a sustained flow of rural residents to cities, which will ensure that Latin America will remain among the most urbanised regions in coming years. Megacities (of over 10 million people) make up five of the largest cities creating huge demands on transport and infrastructure. Although the region suffers from income inequality that can present challenges, a clearer understanding of their customer base, will help businesses to identify opportunities to grow their markets in the region.

Did you know?

  • Urban dwellers in Latin America will reach 83% of the population by 2030 driving demand for housing and infrastructure to support consumers in cities and megacities in the region.
  • The number of single-person households across the Latin America region are growing the fastest as a result of greater affluence and the desire for independence.
  • Household disposable incomes are rising as a result of more women in the workforce; The number of working women are expecting to grow by a whopping 20 million from 2017-2030.