Russian Coffee & Tea Industry Event – RUCTIE 2016


Euromonitor International is pleased to be speaking at the Coffee & Tea Industry event (RUCTIE), March 1-3, 2016, at ECC Sokolniki Moscow, Russia. Russian Coffee and Tea industry event is an international coffee and tea conference and exhibition for the industrial production chain from bean and leaf to cup. It can be considered as the largest event in Russian coffee & tea segment. RUCTIE is a unique platform for business development. At one time, in one place over 4000 players and representatives of tea and coffee industry from Russia, other CIS countres and abroad will meet each other.

Key events will include:

  • Exhibition area
  • 5th Moscow International Tea Symposium;
  • 6th Moscow International Coffee Forum;
  • 3rd Tea Masters Cup, Russia (Russian tea masters completion in 3 categories);
  • Russian Barista Days (Russian barista completion in 6 categories);
  • Over 40 seminars, master classes, trainings, workshops;
  • Special area – Roasting Factory;

Join Georgij Grebinskij, Euromonitor International’s Senior Analyst of Beverages on 2nd of March, who will the discuss coffee and tea pods markets in Europe, opportunities and prospects.  Georgij’s presentation will take a look at the global coffee and tea pods market environment, spotting the opportunities and future growth potential for Russia. It will also include and overview of new product developments and pod coffee machines industry.

For more information, please visit the event website.