Cleaning Products Europe 2013

Date: 26-28 March, 2013
Location: NH Prague, Czech Republic
Presentation Date and Time: 27 March 2013, 09:24-10:05 a.m.

Ian Bell, Head of Home Care Research at Euromonitor International, will focus on issues of sustainability in the home care environment, highlighting key targets and common goals inherent in companies 2020 goals. With home care supply chain increasingly integrated, he will analyse how these goals can vary through it and against a background of globalisation how priorities and challenges vary according to territory.

With seven years until 2020, commitments need to be met. Cleaning Products Europe will identify and assess the current challenges, which need to be overcome in order to reach company targets, and will also feature case studies of solutions and opportunities in the industry and beyond. A parallel theme to this focus will also be driving green cleaning through innovation and collaboration and a part of this will be the importance of working with stakeholders from outside of industry, in order to hear their perspectives on how the industry can continue to work towards achieving sustainability, with the consumers’ interests in mind.

For more information, please visit Cleaning Products Europe’s event website.