Cleaning Cages and Releasing Kites: A Volunteering Day in Bangalore!

Recently, 9 of us from the Bangalore office took part in a volunteering activity with People for Animals. People for Animals is a charity involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, displaced and orphaned animals – many of whom are wild animals who had been kept as pets!

We set off early to reach the centre just outside Bangalore and were set to work straight away. Animals who are housed in the centre include macaques, snakes, parakeets and lots of birds so we knew it was going to be an interesting visit! First we cleaned some animal enclosures and then we did some general maintenance of the centre such as cutting grass and cleaning. We were then given a fascinating talk on animal welfare and safety and learnt some really interesting facts such as what to do if you are bitten by a snake. After this came the most incredible part of the day: we were given the opportunity to help release some of the rehabilitated Kites back into the wild. It was amazing to see them fly away and brilliant to see how the work of the sanctuary enables such beautiful animals to be returned to their natural environment.

People for Animals were extremely grateful for our support; “Thank you for volunteering with us during the day and for being proactive in learning about the work we do. It is because of generous, compassionate donors like you that we have been able to continue doing what we do to our best of capabilities for the last two decades.”

The volunteering day was so much fun and gave us the opportunity to learn new skills and work with different colleagues as well as doing something to give back to our local community. After taking part I even adopted a Flying Fox at the sanctuary through their programme! At Euromonitor we are each given 2 days of volunteer leave each year, as part of our CSR programme, to do activities such as this, so it’s great to be given this opportunity. We’re looking forward to seeing how else we can work with the charity and hopefully will be back to visit the animals soon!