Cigarettes to Record US$7.7 Billion Loss by 2021 as Heated Tobacco Grows 691 Percent

LONDON, UK – Global market research company Euromonitor International released today new tobacco data. According to the new research, the cigarettes market will record a US$7.7 billion loss by 2021, compensated by the US$13.2 billion growth in heated tobacco products sales in the same period.

Euromonitor International’s new data show that in 2016, for the first time in decades, the value of the global cigarettes category as a proportion of total tobacco sales fell below 90 percent and by 2021 it will reach 86 percent. While cigarettes sales decline, the new research highlights growth in the use of vapour products but also further changes within this segment.

Shane MacGuill, head of tobacco research at Euromonitor International comments: “The continued growth in vapour products and in particular the emergence of heated tobacco as a viable alternative mode of consumption, represent the major element of disruption for the tobacco industry.”

The new research shows that heated tobacco will be the fastest-growing tobacco category in the next five years to reach US$ 15.4 billion in 2021, up from 2 billion in 2016, recording a 691 percent growth.

According to the new data, in 2016:

  • Japan was the largest heated tobacco market, accounting for a share of 96 percent of heated tobacco products global sales
  • Germany was the second largest heated tobacco market but the USA will take its place by 2021
  • The third and fourth largest markets for heated tobacco products were Switzerland and Portugal respectively, which were also amongst the fastest growing markets

MacGuill concludes: “We believe that heated tobacco will gain a solid presence in at least 35 global markets by 2021, accounting for a share of 3.5 percent of total global cigarettes and heated tobacco value. Heated tobacco prospects are strong and strengthening. On this evidence, it is a truly a coming force in global tobacco.”


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