China Consumers’ Desire for Premium Life Quality Accelerates Product Upgrades

With increasing health awareness, consumers tend to pursue consumer appliances with health themes and attributes. For instance, consumers are no longer satisfied with normal juice extractors, but have in recent years demonstrated greater interest in premium units which can destroy food cell walls through high-speed squeezing technology to enable nutrition to be absorbed more effectively. Light fryers represent another example, enabling food to be cooked using less oil.

The improvement of life quality also encourages consumers to try innovative consumer appliances. For instance, with improving quality of life, especially in high-tier cities, consumers are moving away from traditional skin or teeth cleaning methods towards more modern, professional and effective alternatives, leading to the increased popularity of electric facial cleaners and oral care appliances.


With increasing disposal incomes, consumers’ aspiration for high life quality and health will continue. This will represent an opportunity for manufacturers to focus on developing appliances that enable consumers to live more healthy lives. With increasing health consciousness consumers will eat at home more frequently, leading to the growth of small kitchen appliances with upgraded functionality.

Facing high pressure and busy working lives, consumers will prefer to try consumer appliances with smart functions to perform housework more effectively. Although consumer appliances manufacturers have invested in developing products with intelligent functions, most of these products are not smart in any real sense, only equipped with Wi-Fi functionality to enable them to be controlled remotely via apps on mobile devices. In future manufacturers will pay greater attention to research and development of product upgrades so consumers can enjoy true smart home functions.