China: Consumer Lifestyles in 2016

datagraphic illustrating consumer lifestyles in china in 2016. Population: 1,367.8 million. Chart of old age dependency ratio. Disposable income per capita us$ 2015 5,040. savings as percentage of disposable income 38.4% median age 37.5 years, fertility rate 1.3 children per female, life expectency at birth 74.5 years male and 77.5 years female.

The country is at a turning point in terms of consumer lifestyles and the generational gap between younger consumers and those who endured the Cultural Revolution. Older consumers are fastidious savers and work defines them, whereas the younger generation are drastically different. They are comfortable spending and they are increasingly individualistic and independent. They want their own personal style and they want to show it off on social media.

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