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August 14, 2018
Businesses need to prepare for shifts in the global economy as no country operates in isolation from it. Euromonitor International can help you prepare for these shifts by offering data and insight on business dynamics, cities, economy, finance and trade, natural resources and industries. Partnering with Euromonitor can help your organisation make strong, confident decisions […]
August 14, 2018
The baseline outlook for the global economy remains benign in mid-2018. Private sector sentiment remains positive, and high stock prices continue to be sustained at high levels by low interest rates and rising corporate profits. Stock market volatility remains below historical average. While interest rates will continue to rise in advanced economies, they are forecast […]
July 30, 2018
La tendencia a la co-habitación relacionada con el espacio residencial ha florecido entre los millennials y aquellos sobre 65. Es una forma de vivir en la que los residentes comparten espacio y un conjunto de intereses y valores. La tendencia se deriva de los centros hiper urbanos que han abrazado la economía colaborativa como estilo […]
July 16, 2018
Com a crescente agitação política em 2017, a crise de confiança dos consumidores com as marcas está se acentuando e levando a um maior envolvimento emocional e ativismo. O Consumidor Detetive é um consumidor investigativo. Céticos em relação aos produtos produzidos em massa, às motivações das empresas que os criam, às tentativas de retóricas vazias […]
July 10, 2018
Compradores detectives : Una tendencia global de consumo para 2018 Con la agitada escena política de 2017, se profundizó la crisis de confianza de los consumidores, lo que llevó a una mayor acción y participación emocional. Los compradores detectives son consumidores a quienes les gusta investigar. Son escépticos en cuanto a los productos masivos y […]
August 14, 2018
This article has been updated in line with the Quarterly Brexit Report Q2 2018 update.  Brexit negotiations have continued to be characterised by slow progress, despite the conditional agreement on a transition phase earlier this year. The UK government has been dragging its heels on publishing a White Paper outlining its final position on future relations […]
July 5, 2018
Asia Pacific’s strong economic growth has led to greater education and employment opportunities for women, and yet the gender income gap in Asia is set to widen through to 2030. This makes Asia the only region globally with a widening gender income gap. Euromonitor International explores the reasons behind the trend and the impacts it […]
An Hodgson
July 5, 2018
We are two years on from the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, and a deal on future relations between the two is no closer. Infighting between Brexiteers and pro-Europeans in the UK government is making it impossible to find a solution to satisfy both parties. Euromonitor International has predicted that a deal will […]
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