Insight by Sarah Boumphrey

December 14, 2017
We have published the next in our series of megatrend reports, exploring each of our eight focus megatrends in more depth. Megatrend analysis allows companies to build a long-term strategy that is proactive, rather than reactive, making sense of where they stand today, but also ensuring they have a plan to remain relevant moving forward. […]
October 6, 2017
There is a fundamental shift in consumer values towards experiences over things that bring happiness and well-being, with spending on experiences like travel, leisure and foodservice to rise to US$8.0 trillion by 2030. The experience trend is impacting across sectors, from the value placed on the dine-in experience in consumer foodservice, and the importance of […]
September 6, 2017
Successfully identifying, analysing and acting on megatrends is essential for success in consumer markets. The world is changing faster than ever, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with competitors as technology spurs both the rate of and access to innovation. Amidst this change, it can be difficult for companies to understand why […]
March 13, 2017
Euromonitor International is pleased to announce the launch of its new strategy briefing: Global Economic Risks and Opportunities in 2017 and Beyond. The global economy is facing several key challenges: volatility brought about by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the USA; the threat of stagnation in advanced economies and ongoing fears of […]
March 6, 2017
Subscribing to regular supplies of products can offer the ultimate in convenience for consumers, and a secure revenue stream for business. It sits perfectly with goods that are constantly used, and also ones where the consumer does not feel the need to shop around. There are challenges with the model as it needs to be […]
February 27, 2017
Political instability is a key challenge going into 2017, and surprisingly, two of the biggest risks are in advanced economies. First is the Trump effect; it is hard to ascertain the exact impact a Trump presidency will have on the US and global economies, as much remains unknown about how many of his campaign promises […]
February 13, 2017
There are several key types of subscription surprise box, some offer sample size products (common in beauty); some provide a selection of full-size products for the consumer to choose from and pay for only those that he or she wants (common in clothing), and some provide a selection of products that are not returnable. Today, […]
February 6, 2017
Euromonitor’s new strategy briefing: Engage, Return and Repeat: The Subscription Economy explores all aspects of the subscription model. The subscription economy is one of several alternative business models gaining traction across sectors. On the whole, a successful subscription service is just one aspect of a multi-channel offer. For business, the model signifies a new revenue […]

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