Catch Me in Seconds (Because My Attention Span Is Short)

This article is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2020 report.

With improved technology accessibility and usage, especially among younger generations, consumers can access immense amounts of information with fewer barriers. With this comes the need to identify the most relevant bits.

More content in less time

Consumers are constantly seeking personalised, authentic and appealing channels. They are growing accustomed to shorter content, which is what drives this year’s Catch Me in Seconds trend. They have the same capacity to process information as before but now contend with much more information to process, needing to identify the most relevant bits quickly.

The instant gratification that consumers feel and expect for quick and relevant content will further propel the cycle of innovation. Sustained growth in smartphone usage, the middle-class population and visual-centric younger generations, particularly in emerging markets, will strengthen Catch Me in Seconds.

Brands and platforms are producing catchy and speedy content by launching offerings with visual cues and auditory comments — multisensory and quick for instant gratification. In 2020, this is the standard of service for consumers, and if not met, they will move to the next option.

As consumers seek to engage with brands, products and services in the most authentic way, online influencers are gaining traction as an emerging digital marketing channel. Consumers typically follow influencers with similar values, trusted reviews and content that evokes a positive response.

Today, the trend is visual and multisensory. Over the medium term, expected growth is in voice commerce and artificial intelligence.

In a highly competitive market, brands need to offer the dynamic content that consumers seek. To get ahead of what Catch Me in Seconds will be in the future, businesses need to invest in technology.

Capture their attention and save them time

The Catch Me in Seconds trend has evolved and become stronger as technology, both accessibility and usage, has made it possible to deliver instant information and functionality to users. Consumers expect brands to make their information, product, or service as accessible as possible in a short timeframe to compete with other demands.

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