Cartes Secure Connexions Becomes Trustech


Event Name: Cartes Secure Connexions Becomes Trustech

Date: 17-19 November, 2015

Location: Paris, France

Event Description: In 2015, CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONSthe world’sleading trade show for Secure Payment, Identification and Mobility, is changing its name. CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS was founded 30 years ago, to promote a technology that had just been created: the chip card. Today, the world has changed. Multiple new technologies have emerged and, along with them, multiple uses. The name TRUSTECH reflects this evolution of the industry. Trust in the security of sensitive data is critical for the development of new applications and uses, in our increasingly connected world. TRUSTECH aims to be the hub of the international secure-connection community, to help market players define future strategies, develop the ways the technologies are used and generate business opportunities.


Speaker: Michelle Evans – Senior Consumer Finance Analyst

Presentation Date and Time: Wednesday, November 18 from 02:00 to 02:30pm

Presentation Title: Tech Titans and the Upcoming Global Payments War 

Presentation Description: Tech giants, such as Apple, Google and Samsung, are all well positioned to cash in on the upcoming mobile payments bonanza. During this session, Michelle will try to identify the factors that will drive growth globally (not only in US) and see which wallets are best positioned to win the global mobile payments war.

Michelle Evans will also judge the ‘best banking and payment application’ in the Sesames Awards competition. For more information click here: