Business in the 21st Century with North London Cares

“Do you think you’ll always use a telephone?” This question about the use of telephones in modern day business was just one of the questions asked by a group of elderly ladies who came and spent an afternoon finding out how business has changed in the last 20 years.

Used to having business professionals come and volunteer at their community centre the group turned the tables and came and visited Euromonitor’s London office.  Sarah Hunter, Communications Director, welcomed the group and provided an overview of Euromonitor, in particularly focusing on how the company has changed and grown since 1972.  Presentations were also given by Hilary Walsh, Economy, Finance & Trade Manager, Alison Angus, Head of Research and Fflur Roberts, Head of Luxury Goods.  There were lively discussions about how the business world has changed the importance of the internet and use of Skype and a request from one participant for some samples of the luxury goods Fflur researches!

Alex Smith, founder of North London Cares, a charity supporting isolated older people, said “we hear all the time from older people that we work with, some of the anxieties a lot of pensioners face about the pace of change in the world…we wanted to expose older people from the local community to a genuine local business and to show them how modern business works.”