Beyond Human: Embracing AI-driven Technology

This article is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2020 

Virtual assistants, smart devices, chatbots, unmanned factories and AI-driven technology are penetrating business operations, supply chain logistics and consumers’ lives. Businesses are moving Beyond Human, creating sustainable growth opportunities with technology to make life easier.  

AI-driven Technology is Becoming Mainstream

Humans are beginning to accept that certain tasks can be performed by robots or other AI, rather than solely by themselves. Though complete trust of, and universal access to, this technology will take more time, we are embracing the idea of AI-driven robots for our own welfare, convenience and comfort. 

Consumers are already relying on AI-driven appliances in order to improve their lives, initially for personal errands and domestic cleaning chores. According to Euromonitor International’s 2019 Lifestyles Survey, 12% of respondents own or currently have regular and easy access to in-home virtual assistant devices for personal use. In addition, at least one-third of respondents currently own smart laundry or kitchen appliances at home. There is a clear rise in demand as more consumers rely on automated technology to complete household tasks. 

Improved day-to-day life and personalised experiences are driving wider acceptance of AI-driven robots. In a time-constrained world, the Beyond Human trend shows how technology can make the complex simple. According to the same survey, 67% of global respondents were looking for ways to simplify life and a higher proportion admit to using technology to improve it. Millennials and Generation X are particularly open to AI-driven robots for tailored and curated experiences. 

AI Will Drive Our Smart World Forward

The Beyond Human trend is here to stay. Driven by technology, consumers will engage more deeply with commercialised AI-driven robots. Organisations will incorporate AI-driven robot capabilities into long-term strategies. This technology will be used to automate manufacturing and logistics, understand differentiated consumer demands and deliver personalised solutions with precision. 

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