Baked Goods in India: Trends and Prospects

Consumers in India are passionate about their food and taste is of primary importance. More often taste even supersedes the health aspects of the food we eat.

The baked goods catgeory is no exception to this consumer choice. Baked good continues to grow in India, primarily driven by the flavours and taste, despite the health & wellness trend in packaged foods.

Furthermore, the proliferation of organised retail and foodservice chains in India have introduced new baked goods and flavours to consumers. Thus fuelling the growht of this sector.

Uncover the key insights into the baked goods industry in India with a focus on – trends in India, retail sales, the consumer foodservice industry for baked goods and our forecast regarding the growth of various categories under baked goods industry.

You can download the full presentaiton of my talk at Puratos India’s Indulgence and Beyond 2017 here: