Vita Krasodomskyte is an Industry Analyst at Euromonitor International. Vita graduated from Vilnius University, where she received a master’s degree in law. She started working in Euromonitor International in 2011 as a Freelance Analyst and in 2013 joined Passport Industrial team. Vita is responsible for finance, insurance and business services industries. Professional interests include finance, business analytics and market research. You can find her on LinkedIn.
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May 4, 2017
China’s business services industry is forecast to climb to the top five in the world by 2025. Chinese business services providers are expected to become the key contributors to the expansion of business services globally over the 2016-2025 period, posting a CAGR of 11% and an increase in absolute value of nearly USD1,800 billion. Chart 1. Increase in […]
April 26, 2016
In line with increasing use of smartphones and growing demand for innovative, fast and easy-to-use financial services, traditional banks are facing increasing competition from alternative financial services providers. Due to strong pressure from such players as Paypal, Apple and others, adoption of e-banking solutions will be a prerequisite for banks in order to maintain their […]
April 8, 2016
The monetary intermediation industry remains challenged by the increasing levels of regulation, rising competition, not only from other traditional financial services providers but also from alternative financing providers, and the growing shift from branch-oriented banks to e-banking.
January 3, 2016
Global advertising revenue is set to grow by 6% in 2016. Over the year, the industry is forecast to see some key trends: it will be driven by dynamic spending on advertising in China; television and the internet will be the main marketing channels; and retailers will be the dominant buyers in the global advertising […]
December 8, 2015
China’s economy, once attractive for its cheap labour force, has been experiencing transformation towards higher value-added services and products. Since due to the more expensive workforce, production of cheap items has been moving towards other low-cost countries such as Vietnam or Bangladesh, China has been gradually switching its focus from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created […]
May 4, 2017
Con un PIB total incrementándose en una tasa de crecimiento anual compuesto de 6% entre 2008 y 2013, Latinoamérica es una región atractiva para la inversión.  Las empresas locales han venido mejorando su rendimiento en diferentes áreas de negocios desde la agricultura y la producción de alimentos hasta la producción de bienes de alta tecnología […]
May 4, 2017
The EU’s monetary intermediation industry still remains sluggish, growing by 2-3% per year in 2013-2014. Increasing regulation, slow economic growth and rather weak financial health is projected to remain among the major challenges for the European financial institutions in 2015. Increasing European Central Bank role Eurozone countries, in order to improve their banking activities, have […]
July 19, 2014
Posting double-digit growth rates, the accounting and auditing markets in China and India are creating wide opportunities. Growing economies, dynamic business environments and constantly changing accounting and auditing standards are the main driving forces behind the growth in the reviewed market. Therefore, a number of accounting and auditing companies are opening offices in these countries […]
March 23, 2017
Business and recreational services in Asia Pacific are set to experience strong expansion over the upcoming decade. Business services in Asia Pacific are expected to be led by China, which will dominate the region. China and Philippines are also projected to dominate in recreational services. Overall, Asia Pacific is forecasted to account for the largest […]
August 16, 2016
The fourth industrial revolution is set to increase the interconnection of machines, humans and digital systems, and expanding digitalisation is projected to impact the growing number of cyber breaches. Cyber insurance is growing as a result, with the US being the largest market for cyber insurance. It’s expected that insurers that will offer financial cover […]
November 19, 2015
Falling oil prices, economic sanctions and the weakening ruble have all taken their toll on Russia‘s financial industry, causing profits in this sector to shrink by a staggering US$ 12 billion in 2014. While the largest banks are reeving financial support from the Central Bank, a number of smaller banks were forced to merge or terminate […]
October 12, 2014
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