Assessing Global Authentication Opportunities

Authentication services hold high promise in a tech-forward world plagued by threats of fraud, hacking and other information-stealing activities.

While the need for these services has been and continues to be widely discussed, can anyone say how often consumers are actually authenticating themselves today? How much are these authentication moments worth?

To help shed some light on these questions, conducted research to quantify the authentication market and help better understand the global market value and potential for future investment. Download the new white paper “Assessing Global Authentication Opportunities” to explore the results and:

  • Discover the potential value of the global authentication market.
  • Learn the framework used to assess the global authentication market in both volume and value terms.
  • Identify authentication moments by industry and technology that may provide opportunities.
  • Understand where potential future investment opportunities lie in authentication services.

Authentication is an intrinsic part of daily life. Visa recognizes the importance of authentication to consumers’ everyday lives and is focusing on the technology and products to create simple and secure ways for consumers to shop, pay and bank on their connected devices.

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