Alcoholic Drinks Industry Sees Volumes Improve in 2011

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Developing markets drive global performance
In 2011, emerging markets will continue to offer the best opportunities, a situation which will continue throughout the forecast period. Easter Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa continue to drive volume growth, with the latter three expected to outperform the global alcoholic drinks market in volume terms in 2011.

Eastern Europe on the up
Having suffered the most of all the emerging regions during the recession, alcoholic drinks sales in Eastern Europe will increase again in 2011. Although growth will still be int eh low single digits, this will represent a major improvement on the declines witnessed in 2009 and 2010, with the majority of the countries in the region expected to register growth.

Developed regions are still suffering
North America, Western Europe and Australasia will continue to register declines in 2011, although all except Western Europe will see growth again towards the end of the forecast period. Western Europe’s alcoholic drinks volumes are expected to continue to decline as major markets such as Germany and Spain are unlikely to see a change in their fortunes.